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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids | Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Overview Learn about the Thrombosed hemorrhoids treatment. From home remedies to surgery. Can thrombosed hemorrhoids go away without treatment? But how to know the warning signs and treatment options? Hemorrhoids (piles) are common in people including young adults. Refer to internal or called external hemorrhoids. They can occur inside the rectum or under […]

Pilonidal Sinus Disease | Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Pilonidal Sinus Disease | Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

What is the Best Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus Disease? The best treatment for pilonidal sinus disease or sinus infection. Depends on the severity and recurrence of the condition. Doctors consider excision and marsupialization. The most effective treatments for chronic cases. Pilonidal Sinus Disease – Surgical Treatments There are several surgical treatment options for pilonidal cysts […]

Hemorrhoids vs. Anal Skin Tags | Explore the Key Differences, and Available Treatments

Hemorrhoids Anal Skin Tags | Explore the Key Differences Causes

Difference Between Internal, External Hemorrhoids and Anal Skin Tags Hemorrhoids and anal skin tags form a lump around the anus. Their similar appearance can make it daunting for patients and non-specialist doctors to differentiate. Understanding this, we have covered a detailed analysis of internal and external hemorrhoids and anal skin tags in this guide. It […]